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Israel's establishment was a "colonialist project" and Israel carries out "continous ethnic cleansing"

By Columnist for official PA daily, Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
“The purpose of this racist Zionist plan (the “Prawer Plan”) is to settle 300,000 Israelis in 11 settlements, in addition to relocating the Israeli military headquarters to the area, and creating private farms for Jewish families by allocating 5,000 dunams (approximately 1,200 acres) for families interested in participating in carrying out the settlement plan.
So far 70 farms have been built at the Palestinian Arabs’ expense, for the purpose of ‘developing’ the Negev (Southern region of Israel). According to the Israeli plan’s estimate, work on the racist project will be completed in 2018 and the expected [cost] of its completion is 6 billion US dollars.
This new plan is a link in a continuous chain of ethnic cleansing acts against Palestinians and is not separate from what was begun by the colonialist Zionist project since the State of Israel was established in the year of the Palestinian Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) in 1948.”

Note: The “Prawer Plan” is a proposal to grant recognition to the vast majority of presently unrecognized Bedouin communities in the Negev, and to compensate and resettle the 35 communities that are to be moved off state-owned land.