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PA to supplement salaries for families of Martyrs during month of Ramadan

Headline: “A supplement to the salaries (rawatib) of 216 Martyrs’ families will be paid today [July 16, 2013]”
     “The National Union of the Families of the Martyrs of Palestine said that the [PA] Ministry of Finance will pay a special salary (ratib) supplement to the Martyrs’ (Shahids’) families who did not receive the payment last June [2013]. Secretary-General of The National Association [of the Families of the Martyrs of Palestine], Muhammad Sbeihat, said that the Ministry of Finance will pay a [salary] supplement to 216 families of Martyrs who are classified as “civilian Shahids” and who did not receive last month’s allowance (Mukhassas). He explained that he had been officially informed by the Ministry of Finance that these salaries (rawatib) will be in the bank on Tuesday morning [July 16, 2013]. Similarly, he expressed his gratitude to the Director General of the Families of Martyrs and Wounded Support Foundation, Khaled Jabarin, the Institute’s staff, and the Director General of Supervision in the Ministry of Finance, Mahmoud Zaaruor, for their efforts that made payment of these allowances (Mukhassas) possible, especially since we are in the month of Ramadan when all our people’s daily cost of living doubles. The National Union of the Families of the Martyrs had put heavy pressure to ensure that the payment of these allowances (Mukhassas) be made as a supplement to [this month’s salary], rather than being delayed until next month’s payment.”

Note: The fact that the payment was not made during the month when living expenses are especially high, demonstrates that the PA Ministry of Finance had preferred to make the additional salary payment in a later month. It agreed to make the additional payment during Ramadan only as a result of the insistence of the National Union of the Families of the Martyrs. This seems to indicate that the payments in question are not intended by the PA as social welfare allowances.

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