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Man arrested for cursing Allah during Ramadan

“Yesterday [July 15, 2013], the police arrested a man for cursing Allah and desecrating the sanctity of the month of Ramadan. In a press release, the police said it had arrested a man for cursing Allah because of an argument with [another] citizen, during the patrols [conducted] as part of measures for the protection of security, order and stability in Nablus.
The statement noted that the man had been transferred to the Prosecutor General in order to receive the punishment he deserves according to law, in keeping with Section 273 of the 1960 Penal Law. The statement emphasized that the police would not allow the desecration of the sanctity of the blessed month of Ramadan or the performance of any act harming the sanctity of this month, and that it had taken security measures in order to create a religious and pious atmosphere suitable to all citizens and to protect the spirituality and sanctity of the venerable month.”

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