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Abbas eulogizes terrorist Abu Sukkar: "Palestine has lost a righteous son and loyal fighter"

     "President Mahmoud Abbas and the [Palestinian] leadership eulogized the most veteran released prisoner and former member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar (77) who died yesterday evening [July 16, 2013] in a hospital in the city of Ramallah after a severe heart attack. The deceased will be buried in a military funeral ...
The presidential eulogy stated: 'His pure soul passed on to the kingdom of Heaven during these blessed days in this honored month [Ramadan] after a journey of struggle full of exceptional giving and devoted activity for Palestine and for the freedom and honor of our people.'
The President said in the eulogy: 'With the death of this fighter, Palestine and its people have lost a righteous son and loyal fighter, devoted wholeheartedly to protecting our people's rights. He dedicated most of his life to this people's independence and paid with many years of his life in the occupation's prisons so that the dawn of freedom will break over the pure land of Palestine.'
The President expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the departed, to the admirers, friends and followers of the illustrious deceased. He [Abbas] prayed that Allah will cover him with his mercy and place him with the prophets, the righteous, the virtuous and the Martyrs...
The Fatah Movement... described him as 'The self-sacrificing hero of freedom and the most veteran [of the released prisoners] who terrified the occupation through his resolve in captivity.' In an announcement by the [Fatah] Mobilization and Organization Commission the movement saluted the soul of Martyr Abu Sukkar... The movement praised Abu Sukkar's bravery, his self-sacrificing operations, the most famous of them being the 'refrigerator' operation (i.e., terror attack)... It was Abu Sukkar who carried out the most famous military operation (i.e., terror attack), known as 'the Refrigerator [Operation]' on July 5, 1975 (should be July 4, 1975. Ed.) He was arrested later while returning from Jordan. An occupation military court sentenced him to a life sentence and an additional 30 years."
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Note: Ahmad Abu Sukkar planned a bombing attack in 1975 in which a refrigerator filled with explosives was detonated in Jerusalem. 15 people were killed and over 60 people were wounded. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years, but was released from prison after 28 years as part of a goodwill gesture from Israel to the PA in 2003. He was a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and an advisor to Arafat on prisoners' affairs. He died of a heart attack in 2013 in the PA.

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