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PA PM Hamdallah: Supporting Martyrs’ families will remain a priority

Headline: “Met with Karake, Fares and a group of released prisoners – [Prime Minister] Hamdallah: ‘Supporting the Martyrs’ families is a priority despite the financial distress”
“Yesterday, [July 22, 2013] [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah met in his Ramallah office with a delegation from the general- secretariat of the [National] Union of Families of [Palestine's] Martyrs to listen to their needs… Hamdallah said: ‘Whatever financial situation the PA may be in, the issue of the Martyrs’ families will remain a priority and remain a national duty.’
He added that he will take care of the issues raised by the secretariat, first and foremost the [fact that] salary and allowance payments to a few families were stopped several months ago.”