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Israeli-Arab MP: Israeli policy regarding the Bedouin reminiscent of Nazism

PA TV program View from Inside aired an episode about the Prawer plan, a development plan for the Negev that includes relocating Bedouin from unrecognized villages to authorized Bedouin settlements. Guests: Israeli Parliament member from the Israeli-Arab Hadash party Muhammad Barakeh, Chairman of the Greek-Orthodox parish council in Nazareth Azmi Hakim, and Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah.
Israeli Parliament member, Barakeh: “One of the key right-wing [parliament] members, there was a televised debate between us. She said: ‘There are 90,000 [Bedouins] living in unrecognized villages. We want to relocate only 30 or 40 thousand.’ I told her: ‘Yes, a few trains’, hinting to the transfer of the Jews by the Nazis at the time.”