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Op-ed in PA daily urges PA to ally with Iran because they share the same enemy -Israel

Op-ed by Ahmad Dahbour:
“In honor of this event [International Jerusalem Day] we recall with appreciation the first step taken by the man who conceived the idea [of International Jerusalem Day], the late Khomeini, which was to close the Zionist enemy’s embassy in Tehran and replace it with an embassy of Palestine…
Let us recall that the loathsome Zionist responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre went mad one day and threatened to scatter the Persian Empire all over the world. An obsession-gripped lunatic like [former Israeli Prime Minister] Menachem Begin would not have voiced this empty and crazy threat had he not feared any kind of Arab-Iranian rapprochement, especially after Iran declared that the liberation of Jerusalem is, from its perspective, a holy matter and a Jihad commandment.
It would be fitting on this occasion for us to work ardently on the basis of the principle that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’, all the more so when my enemy’s enemy challenges the arrogant powers of the world and Zionism for the sake of our Jerusalem.
Is it too much that he should have the status of our brother, friend and strategic ally? Even so, my eagerness and the region’s, to praise [Iran’s] principled position regarding Palestine and Jerusalem does not mean that there are no problems, no obstacles and not many questions, because there are different civilizations, cultures and even differing policies in this part of the world. This is what allows disputes or even conflicts to surface. But an intelligent person keeps his own interests in mind. If we choose to be intelligent then our interests demand that we find common ground. There is no doubt that Palestine is this ground and we must reach out with love, friendship and brotherly ties to anyone who supports us and our just struggle against the colonialist Zionist enterprise.”