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Terrorist bomb-maker interviewed and honored on PA TV

PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home:
PA TV host: “Welcome, beloved viewers, to this episode for fighter Ahmad Bani Nimra. Finally, the sun of freedom shone on Ahmad Abd Al-Qader Muhammad Bani Nimra after he spent 12 years in prison, and he shone on us with the light of his honorable struggle…
Ahmad, you lost both your hands and your left eye (i.e., while preparing a bomb). What motivated you to make bombs that left you in this condition – which we see as a condition of a struggle worthy of honor?”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “I am basically from a first rate patriotic home…”
PA TV host: “Do you remember the day of the operation (i.e., terror attack)…? Tell us some of the details.”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “The mission was supposed to happen a week before it actually took place. The US Secretary of State was in the region. The attack was directed at him – specifically at the US Secretary of State, and at the last minute he changed his plans.”
PA TV host: “Do you remember his name?”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “I think his name was George Schultz (US Secretary of State from 1982-1989, -Ed.). [He was targeted] because of their sympathy for Israel and because they signed a weapons deal, and they talked to the Arabs about (interrupts himself), do you remember 1987? One time they talked about a federation, another time about something else, about annexing Gaza to Egypt. They [the US] divided the homeland and someone needs to take a serious stand [against them] and give a sign, as the late Abu Jihad [did] during his lifetime, I might add. When they offered the Palestinian people a program to surrender, he [Abu Jihad] would tell them: ‘The answer is on its way, wait for two, three days, I’ll give you an answer.’ Then he carried out an operation (i.e., terror attack) right away…
This sort of attitude (i.e., as displayed by the US) does not do the Palestinian people justice, we reject it and resistance is our response… Always, the one who acts can make a mistake, I guess we made a mistake during the preparation [of the bomb] and praise Allah, we didn’t become Martyrs (Shahids)…”
PA TV host: “At the time, who treated you, the Israelis?”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “The Israelis are the ones who treated [me].”
PA TV host: “What was their objective in treating you and not leaving you to die?”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “They wanted information of course; their first and basic objective of course is information.”
PA TV host: “Not out of humanity?”
Bomb-maker Ahmad Bani Nimra: “Not out of any human quality. He who kills intentionally – I don’t think there is any humanity in him…”
PA TV host: “Beloved viewers, we remind [you] that our episode today [is about] the brave fighter Ahmad Bani Nimra who was a student at the Birzeit University and studied sociology until he carried out an operation (i.e., terror attack) for our brave prisoners and on account of the security situation we were in and the pressure the Israeli occupation put on us. He did what he did and during the operation he lost both hands and his left eye. Afterwards he was treated and he went to prison.”

Note: Ahmad Bani Nimra - bomb-maker who lost both hands and an eye while preparing explosives in 1987 for use in a terror attack. He served 12 years in prison.
Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir) was a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat. He headed the PLO terror organization's military wing and planned many deadly Fatah terror attacks, including the most lethal in Israeli history, the hijacking of a bus and killing of 37 civilians, 12 of them children.

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