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Palestinian woman in Lebanon hopes to die in a famous operation (i.e., terror attack)

PA TV documentary about the battle in Beirut’s Tel Al-Zaatar refugee camp in 1975. One of the camp’s residents talks about the beginning of the Palestinian revolution in the camp in 1967.
Resident of the Tel Al-Zaatar refugee camp: “If my revolution will allow me to belong to my city’s (i.e., the refugee camp’s) cell and [be] with its fighters, in order to liberate [Palestine] or carry out an operation (i.e., terror attack), [then] I ask Allah not to [let me] die except in an operation that will become famous and about which everyone will hear…
I hope that my son, my husband, and I will die as Martyrs (Shahids).”

Note: When referring to terror attacks, Palestinians use the term "operation" (Arabic: amaliya).