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Sheikh on PA TV supports man’s decision to help settler with car trouble

PA TV program Religion Facilitates:
Yusuf from Jenin: “Six or seven days ago I was working late, I was coming back from Hebron and at two o’clock, I found an overturned Israeli car in front of me… upside down on the side of the road… I, to speak plainly, helped them. Now people are telling me: ‘How could you help settlers?’ This question is troubling me, and I am asking the Sheikh, is this permitted or not?”
Mufti of Ramallah, Ibrahim Awadallah: “If you’re asking me as a sheikh, I want to tell you that humanely, ethically, even if we are at war and this war is constant, we have moral standards, a morality of war, and therefore it is not possible that a man should pass by two children who were in a car accident and continue on his way without providing first aid or helping them. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. The Prophet and his companions never gave up their principles even under the most difficult circumstances.”
PA TV host: “And you receive a reward for this [from God].”