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Israeli “scientific institutes” invent “a false history” in Jerusalem

Op-ed by Mahmoud Shuqeir:
“We have grown accustomed to improvising and we have no systematic plans for protecting the holy city. This makes me tend to believe that the many organizations rushing in to protect the city are [really] immersed in bureaucratic, office work and only pay little attention to what should be done for the city…
Apparently, we make do with televised announcements about our hold on the city and our concern for its Arab identity and the resolve of the Christians and Muslims in it, and do not take practical, planned steps all year round for this purpose.
This, while the Israeli occupiers do more, and they have scientific institutes that invest efforts in creating a false history and various facts for this city that was Jebusite-Canaanite-Arab-Palestinian, and will remain such, despite our negligence in fulfilling our duty to the best of our abilities.
It will remain as such thanks to truth, logic and history and thanks to the city itself that defeated all invaders throughout the ages. The invaders were defeated and they disappeared, while the city remained alive, shimmering and able to come back to life after every time it was destroyed by the invaders.”