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PA spokesperson: Israel deliberately spreading diseases in West Bank city

Headline: “Israel seeks to spread dangerous diseases among the city of El-Bireh’s citizens”
“The head of the [PA] government’s Information Center and government spokesperson, Ehab Bessaiso, emphasized that the fact that the occupation authorities closed the El-Bireh municipality central landfill is deplorable and unacceptable. He demanded that the international community and concerned international institutions intervene quickly to compel Israel to rescind [the decision] to close [the landfill] and to act to protect the citizens from the environmental hazards that would stem from [the closure]. Likewise, Bessaiso denounced that fact that occupation bulldozers move waste from areas adjacent to settlements into the city of El-Bireh’s neighborhoods. He considered this a deliberate decision to pollute the Palestinian environment and spread dangerous diseases among the city’s citizens.
The El-Bireh municipality noted that on Wed. July 8, 2013 the occupation authorities closed the landfill, which is located on land on which the Psagot settlement was built, and that the occupation used environmental organizations to justify its closing , and based [its actions] on an Israeli court decision that ordered the closure. The El-Bireh municipality, the Palestinian Ministry of Environmental Affairs and many experts, among them even Israeli experts, stressed that the landfill conforms to environmental and health standards and that settler motives are behind the decision to close it.”