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Fatah official Rajoub rejects any “sports relations” with Israel

“[Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and Chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee and] Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association Jibril Rajoub demanded yesterday [Aug. 15, 2013] that the International Football Association (FIFA) give a red card to the Israel Football Association for preventing Arab sports delegations from entering the Palestinian territories.
In his press conference yesterday Rajoub said: ‘We demand a red card because the yellow ones have been given for some time now, and we stick to the red card in order to remove the Israeli occupation’s legitimacy and we will not accept interim solutions.’
Jibril Rajoub emphasized that the West Asia Youth Tournament will be held in Palestine despite the fact that Israel did not issue entry [permits] to many coaches of the West Asia [Football] Federation teams and delegations who are currently in Jordan. […]
Rajoub concluded his words: ‘We will play on our land by virtue of FIFA’s decisions and it is our right to host championships, like any other country, and enjoy all the rights that are enjoyed by the national [football] associations in 208 countries around the world. There will be no sports relations with the Israeli side and we will host the championship by virtue of international law.’”