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US contributes 148 million dollars to the PA general budget

Headline: "The US contributed 148 million dollars as aid to the PA's budget"
"Yesterday morning [Aug. 18, 2013] [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and the American Government represented by Consul General of the United States Michael Ratney, signed an agreement of the transfer of 148 million dollars in financial aid to the PA's budget... Hamdallah 'thanked the Government of the United States and its people for this aid, which has been received for the second time this year.' He said that the first [financial] aid was given in February [2013] in the amount of '200 million dollars to the state's coffers.' Hamdallah said: 'We need another 600 million dollars by the end of this year [2013] so that we will be able to cover current expenses, which include the private sector's salaries and expenses. We hope to receive aid from our friends and financers so that we will be able to reach this sum.' [The Consul General of the United States Michael Ratney] added: 'The US has given a total sum of 4.3 billion dollars in [financial] aid over the past twenty years, 1.3 billion of it was direct budgetary aid.'"
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