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Palestinian scholar: “No traces of their Temple have ever been found”

PA TV program Religion and the World interviewed Palestinian history scholar Muhammad Abu Saleh about the anniversary of the arson at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Abu Saleh: “The Jebusites, under Arab Canaanite Malkizedek’s rule, who came from the Arabian Peninsula approximately 6,000 years ago, was the first to establish the city as a walled city. Ibrahim, the friend of Allah, visited him, as is evidenced by what is told about Ibrahim (i.e., Abraham) in the year 1850 BC, when he came from the land of Uhr which is in Iraq, he came to Palestine, first – of course – to Haran and later to Palestine, and he lived in Jerusalem with Malkizedek…(see note below) As of now, the imaginary relics, that allow [them to] claim that there was a Temple at Al-Aqsa have not been found, and they (i.e., the people who claim there was a Temple) are in a quandary. Some say [the Temple] was on this site [Al-Aqsa], and some say [it was] at Ras Al-Amud, and some say near the Tower of David. And at all those sites, to this day, no traces of their Temple have ever been found… 44 years ago, on August 21, 1969, Australian citizen and Jew by faith, one of the Australian Christians… Denis Rohan Michael came [to Jerusalem]. He had come a year beforehand. His intentions were discovered, he was arrested, and returned to Australia, but he came a second time and they let him in. And the [Israeli] authorities cooperated [in permitting him] to enter the country so that he could carry out his scheme. He entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque after the morning prayer, after the worshipers had left the Mosque, and he set it on fire.”
PA TV host: “This event, in your opinion, according to your historical research, was it the work of one man alone, or of a group, or [was it the result of] an intentional policy, I mean the occupation government of the time stood behind this act and planned and organized it according to an organized plan, in order to burn the Mosque?”
Abu Saleh: “This was an organized plan, and the evidence is the first attempt the previous year, [when] he was caught by the guards and then arrested, released, and he returned to his country… He set fire [to the Mosque], was caught and tried, but he was declared emotionally ill, and was released. And he then returned to Australia, and is living as a completely free man, as if he had done nothing.”

Note: The fire in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969 was started by a deranged Australian Christian, but the Palestinian Authority has consistently attributed it to Israel.
The article implies that the same Malkizedek who was to meet Ibrahim, had led the Jebusites to Jerusalem 2,000 years earlier. PMW has translated the Arabic as it appears, and has not corrected mistake(s) in content.