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Ceremony attended by PA officials honors released prisoner Khaled Asakra, murderer of 1

Headline: "A ceremony in appreciation of Bethlehem's most veteran released prisoner"
     "Bethlehem District Governor Abd Al-Fattah Hamayel called on the Palestinian prisoners to continue their struggle, to unite ranks and restore national unity, until the Presidential, Parliamentary and National Council elections are held.
He said: 'The prisoners' determination and resolve in the prisons charge us with a new responsibility, to follow in the footsteps of those who sacrificed for freedom and independence,' and added: 'Perhaps the heroes' resolve will teach us all a lesson in resolve and giving.' This was said during the ceremony organized yesterday [Aug. 22, 2013] by the Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Association in the Al-Finiq hall in the Deheisheh refugee camp to honor Bethlehem's most veteran released prisoner Khaled Asakra, who served 23 years in the occupation's prisons.
On his part, Deputy Minister of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs Ziad Abu Ein emphasized: 'Freedom is the most precious thing a person possesses and there is no alternative but for the fighter, who sacrificed himself and his future and suffered greatly behind prison bars, to return to his family and people.'
Likewise, he expressed his hope that the remaining stages of veteran prisoners [releases] would be carried out shortly and would also include the prisoners from Jerusalem and the Interior (i.e., Israel).
In addition he called on the UN and the General Assembly to assume responsibility and prevent the occupation from continuing to oppress of the prisoners.
[PA] Parliament member Muhammad Al-Laham sent greetings in the name of the Fatah faction in Parliament to the most veteran released prisoner of the Bethlehem district and described the released [prisoners] as great heroes."
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Note: Khaled Asakra - a Fatah member who murdered 64 year-old French tourist Annie Ley (April 29, 1991). He was sentenced to life in prison but was released in August 2013 as one of 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations.

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