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EU-funded NGO “resists normalization with Israel”

Headline: “During an open dialogue organized by the Sharek Youth Forum in Ramallah – young people call for punishment for those who organize normalization meetings and for those who attend them”
“Young Palestinians demanded that employment sanctions and legal punitive measures be taken against institutions and individuals who organize or attend normalization meetings with the occupation state and its institutions… This happened during an open dialogue for young people that the Sharek Youth Forum organized yesterday on the topic of ‘Resisting Normalization with the Occupation’… The young people called for more anti-normalization awareness campaigns in schools, in universities, and in all the media, and to place special emphasis on boycotting Rami Levi supermarkets in the Palestinian territories. The young people were in agreement with the national BDS committee concerning the meaning of “normalization”, that is [defined as] ‘participating in any project, initiative, or activity – be it local or international – whose goal is to bring together (whether directly or indirectly) Palestinians and Arabs with Israeli individuals or institutions, and whose declared aim is anything other than resistance or exposing the occupation and any means of discrimination against, or persecution of, our people.’”

Note: The independent NGO Sharek Youth Forum that organized the event and chose to name it ‘Resisting Normalization with the Occupation’ was originally launched together with UNDP. Some of its funders in 2013 are: United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), European Commission (EC), International Youth Foundation, Save The Children, NGO Development Center (NDC), UN-Habitat and Belgium.

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