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UNRWA schoolchildren taught that Jihad is the way to redeem Palestine

PA TV program Concerns of The Refugee Camps episode about the Siblin college in Lebanon.
Lecturer at the Siblin college: “When we were small, in the UNRWA schools in the refugee camps, we would gather every day for an assembly.
A boy with a loud voice would get up and call to us: ‘Boys.’
We would say to him: ‘At your command.’
- ‘Boys.’
‘- At your command.’
- ‘Boys.’
‘- At your command.’
And he would begin and say: ‘Palestine’
We would say: ‘Our homeland.’
[He would say:] ’The return’
- ‘Our goal.’
- ‘Jihad’
- ‘Our way.’
- ‘Knowledge’
- ‘Our light.’
- ‘Faith’
- ‘Our weapon.’
- ‘Sacrifice’
- ‘Our duty.’
If we were facing north we would turn towards Palestine, raise our hands and swear: ‘Palestine, we will never forget you and make do with any other homeland but you. We testify before Allah and history that we will easily give our lives to redeem you.’”