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“Assad was destroying Syria, and this is what they [US] had hoped for”

Op-ed by regular columnist Adli Sadek:
“There is nothing in international relations more offensive or painful than the American invasion and the Americans’ barbaric behavior. Likewise, nothing torments the soul more than airspace and border violations of a sister state and its being bombarded…
You say: ‘The Americans have their own goals and they don’t launch wars for the sake of people and their rights.’ We’ll tell you this [is true] and more … and we’ll examine the motives of the Americans, who for almost three years allowed the Syrians to be massacred en masse and suddenly now understand that there are people in Syria who need their ‘protection’…
The Americans knew that Assad was destroying Syria and this is what they had hoped for, so they worked to have the massacres and destruction continue. The Americans knew that the crazy Al-Qaeda would fill the field of operations and become easy prey. They knew that what remains undestroyed or unharmed in Syria is the arsenal of chemical weapons… the enemy will also not be pleased with its remaining, especially since a weapon of this type could be sold in ounces on the black market, and herein lies the danger!…
It is the Israelis who most likely warned the Americans about the approach of the harvest [i.e., the destruction], after the seeding by fire was complete, the houses were burned and the smoke billowed, and Syria reached a state in which it will need decades to dress its wounds. This - because the Americans are coordinating actions with Israel.”
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