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US involvement in Syria is attempt “to bring about utter chaos” and restore Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

“The anticipated interference of a foreign army into the arena is liable to turn everything upside down in the Middle East, because it not only is intended to upset the internal equilibrium in Syria, but it also bears important messages. The first and most important is aimed at Egypt, since the US and its international and regional allies – Turkey foremost among them – still see the changes occurring there (in Egypt) as something harmful that is a threat to these states’ regional interests and schemes.
It is clear that the military interference being led by the US against the Syrian regime is liable to push the entire region into turmoil that will move beyond Syria’s borders to the entire region. This [will be done] in an attempt to shuffle the deck and bring about utter chaos, possibly aimed at changing the course of the American schemes in the region, after the great strategic breakthrough achieved by Egypt and which threatens to undermine this strategy.”
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