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America attempting to divide and destroy Syria, just as it did in Iraq

Op-ed by regular columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
 “UN reports indicate that it is the Takfir forces [those defining other Muslims as unbelievers] who used chemical weapons against the masses in Eastern Ghouta [in Syria] and not the [Assad] regime... Despite this, the US insists, as it insisted that Iraq was holding weapons of mass destruction on the eve of its attack and occupation of the country in 2003… And after the destruction of Iraq and the actions to divide it, this attempt is now repeating itself in Syria… The ones who undoubtedly used this internationally prohibited weapon are Takfir opposition activists and mercenaries from Turkey, Qatar, America and Israel.
The interference of the US, Britain, France, Germany and Turkey, and some Arab [states] means additional destruction and death for the Arab-Syrian people. Furthermore, the number of victims that will be slayed by this Western war force will be tenfold the number that has fallen until now. This contradicts the most basic human rights, utterly contradicts the sovereignty of the states, even in its formal meaning in the age of barbaric American Globalization… It is possible that one of the scenarios for this new American-European direction towards an attack in Syria, will be to surround the enormous Egyptian achievement [against the Muslim Brotherhood] and [conduct] operations to cause it to fail by tearing Syria apart, as a direct continuation of what happened in Iraq, and afterwards, continuing the process of ripping apart in the Lebanese front.”
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