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Guest on PA TV blames US for terror groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya

PA TV program From the Interior episode about the American attack in Syria.
Director of the Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian and Israeli studies and former Israeli Arab Parliament Member Issam Makhoul:

“[We now see in Syria] the terror created by the USA in other parts of the world, and this is why I speak of a conspiracy, in Afghanistan (i.e., Al-Qaeda) for instance, and its off-shoots, the Jabhat al-Nusra [group] in Iraq. There was no Jabhat al-Nusra before Iraq was occupied by America and dismantled. There were no terror groups in Libya connected with Al-Qaeda, who now control oil, privatize oil and so on. [There were no] gangs, before NATO’s intervention in Libya. Is there any more democracy in Libya now? Is there any more security? Are Libyan lives better protected? This is why we are speaking about imperialist aggression…
If they really will use this (Syria’s use of chemical weapons) as an excuse to attack, then whoever carries out the attack will be the one responsible for the use of chemical weapons.”

Note: The speaker seems to think that since Syrian leader Assad did not gain anything by using chemical weapons, and since the use of them provided the US with an excuse to attack Syria, the use of chemical weapons must have been orchestrated by the US in the first place, so that it could provide itself with an excuse to attack Syria.

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