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America uses "killing as a strategy to attain global domination"

Article by Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist for the official PA daily:
 "We do not and will not support an American bombing of Syria... There is no logic in agreeing that Americans are entitled to appoint themselves as those responsible for justice... Americans have a well-defined role that they are devoted to: To obstruct justice, to provide a base for oppression, and to support tyranny, when doing so is in their interest. Events of mass killings do not upset them because they themselves have used killing as a means and a strategy to attain global domination...
The most severe aspect of blatant American interference in the Syrian conflagration is their hijacking an inevitable achievement - freedom and the sweeping away of tyranny - and claiming credit for it themselves, as if they are responsible for fulfilling the hopes of nations ... This is a tyranny and an effort whose goal is to divide every country... Americans aspire to topple the nation states that appeared in the Arab world after WWII."
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