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The US is “Satan” and never acts “for the benefit of [other] nations” – on PA TV program

PA TV program Today’s Events host: “Syria is waiting for what the Arabs fear and [for] what some of them anticipate. If at the time, the invasion of Iraq caused what it did in the Arab world, then what awaits Syria and the Arabs now? The Arab Spring nations, the Arab nations, bearing the message of freedom – at least according to someone who supports the Arab Spring and refers to it in this way – how do they view what’s happening in Syria? Can one really be helped even by Satan in order to achieve freedom? Or, perhaps, what is happening here is part of a scheme to trip people up.” […]
Jordanian political analyst Asad Al-Azouni: “Respected brother, first, I will begin at the point at which you finished your introduction: Freedom that is assisted by Satan is a forbidden crime. It’s a conspiracy to rule the roost. It isn’t aimed at Syria alone, but at all the Arab and Muslim states in the Middle East. What that means is that we are now confronting the implementation of the ‘Greater Middle East’ program, as defined by Theodore Herzl more than 100 years ago.” […]
PA TV host: “Even though I didn’t understand [your] statement ‘Too late to put the regime on trial’ (refers to statement made by Al-Azouni earlier in the program, -Ed.) – so be it, but is it also too late for the Syrian people to achieve its freedom?”
Jordanian political analyst Asad Al-Azouni: “This freedom is poisoned, my friend. Can you eat a sandwich filled with American poison, on which it says, ‘Warning: This is a sandwich filled with American poison’? Since when does the US act for the benefit of [other] nations?”