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The Commentator expresses concern over PMW report on PA claims that US behind civil war in Syria

Robin Shepherd  |

Keep your eye on the Israeli-Palestinian ball
(or is that balls up?)

I'm putting this in under 225 words. We're all, rightly following Syria, but what is this BS from the Palestinians? In fact, it is what it is... and it's illustrative...

by Robin Shepherd

Through good friends at Palestinian Media Watch, we at The Commentator on Sunday reported to Britain, Europe and beyond an item that might understandably have gone unnoticed amid the terrible events in Syria, and the wider abrogation of responsibility over Iran.

I won't say "no matter"; it does matter. But, what are the Palestinians playing at over Syria, which is tough enough for any of us? (And you'll find a wide range of views on my media outlet on this question, not all of which I endorse without reservation; but all of which I respect.)

But, back to the point at issue; see this [the PA's] blaming even Obama for the bloodshed in Syria.

Having internalised all that; just one thought -- nothing more. Suppose you were the most anti-Israeli type in the world. Would you really believe that this is the right time to launch attacks by the Palestinian official media calling Obama a blood thirsty duplicitous maniac?

How about just keeping your darned mouth shut? Well, as Abba Eban famously said of the Palestinians, they, "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity". Fine, but here they didn't even have to miss anything.

One suspects that Israel-Palestine won't be resolved very soon...and with this tiny, yet contemporaneous illustration in mind, it has to be crystal clear who is to blame, and why...


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