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The Commentator on PMW bulletin exposing the PA blaming the US for the civil war in Syria

Palestinian Authority blames Obama administration
for Syria war

As President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry put their reputations on the line over Syria, Palestinians hit hard at alleged US duplicity. Western diplomats shrug in despair

In an unexpected, and according to diplomats untimely, intervention over Syria at a time of US and wider Western confusion over how to handle the Syria crisis, [PMW has brought to light that] the Palestinian Authority's official newspaper has launched a series of blistering attacks on President Obama.

On Sunday, the PA Daily said the following:

"Events of mass killings do not upset [America] because they themselves have used killing as a means and a strategy to attain global domination... This is a tyranny and an effort whose goal is to divide every country... Americans aspire to topple the nation states that appeared in the Arab world after WWII.

"The Americans knew that Assad was destroying Syria and this is what they had hoped for, so they worked to have the massacres and destruction continue."

At a time when President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry face scepticism at home and abroad, most particularly in Britain, for their stance on Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians the Palestinian intervention was viewed by diplomats contacted by the Commentator as unhelpful to their wider cause.

"The best they [the Palestinians] can hope for is that nobody notices these remarks. President Obama might not have lived up to their expectations, but why insult him to his face when he clearly doesn't really want to get America involved in a war in Syria anyway," one former European diplomat, describing himself as a supporter of ,"Justice for the Palestinians", said.

A member of the European Parliament, speaking on condition of anonymity, added:

"There has to be a line drawn against chemical weapons. That must be clear to everyone."

A diplomat from a formerly communist country in Eastern Europe said:

"This will probably end up in the garbage can of history, but why the Palestinians have to make unnecessary enemies is quite beyond me."

Then Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was widely condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike for backing Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Analysts said at the time that his stance set the Palestinian cause back for years.

Critics of the United States and Israel say that Kerry's putative peace efforts over the Palestinian issue are mere window dressing anyway, and that whatever the Palestinians say in response to Syria will make little difference.

(Translations from Arabic courtesy of media watchdog, Palestinian Media Watch)


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