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Abbas claims that US promised PA that negotiations would be based on ’67 borders

PA TV broadcast of Abbas’ speech before the Fatah Revolutionary Council:
“Before we began the negotiations there were talks or an American request. The request was that we (i.e., the PA) would refrain from turning to international organizations during the negotiations period, but we refused this. Adamantly refused this.
There was a lot of pressure [on us] that during negotiations, between 6 to 9 months, negotiations are limited to a period of 6 to 9 months, [we wouldn’t turn to UN organizations] but we refused. The negotiations deal was closed based on [an agreement] that the Americans would give us an official commitment that negotiations would be held based on the 1967 borders and [in return] we would begin negotiations. And indeed we began negotiations. Before we began, the international organizations were discussed again and we said that we would agree not to turn to them if we would get [back] the prisoners arrested before 1993, numbering 104 [prisoners], that is, all of them were arrested before 1993. But as part of this deal there was and still is the issue of releasing 250 prisoners. This is included in the negotiations deal.”