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Israel is a "foreign body," planted in "an attempt to make the region disintegrate"

The official PA radio station, The Voice of Palestine, hosted Wasef Erekat, a retired senior military officer of the PLO and now a Palestinian military analyst. Walid Nawaf conducted the interview about the crisis in Syria and a possible American attack.
Erekat: “When they [the USA] planned this war, and I believe the secret plans are in [one of] their drawers, unrelated to whatever is said openly… they all wanted to expand the war in Syria and destroy Syria, and destroy every Arab country… When ]the Americans and Israelis[ talk about an ‘axis of evil,’ meaning that Syria alone is not an axis of evil, and that Iran and Hezbollah are [also part of the ‘axis of evil’] – it seems that there is a [certain] conception that has already been established, that they will begin with Syria –“
VOP interviewer, Walid Nawaf: “There is talk of dividing [Middle Eastern countries] and [making a] new map for the region, and of dividing the region according to ethnic groups.”
Erekat: “The Americans tried to deceive France and Britain by telling them: You start a war against Syria and ‘we are behind you’ but the [British] House of Commons understood matters and was smart, and said ‘No’…
When Bush decided to strike the Iranian nuclear program, he made that decision in agreement with Israel. But 16 [American] security institutions told him: ‘You want to strike the Iranian nuclear [program]? What will be afterwards? The fires of hell will open against you’ - and they stopped him…”
When Nahum Goldmann (founder of the World Jewish Congress) came to the region with the colonialist foreign ministers, what did they say about the region? They said that there are two nations there, Arab and Islamic, and if these two nations unite, the region will be closed to us forever. And so, we suggest to implant a foreign body in the region so that it will prevent their unification, and [we suggest] to work diligently towards dismembering them and dividing them, dismembering and dividing them black from white, Christian from Muslim, Persian from Arab – anything that can divide [people] into two – they wanted it. However, now I think that there is an awakening [in the Arab world], and the rifts will not go back to being what they were in the past –“
VOP interviewer Nawaf: “This concept has been around since the seventeenth century, approximately, not from now. And this is an ongoing attempt to make the region disintegrate … the same concept and the same method –“
Erekat: “Of course, and they implemented it fully. But we can’t prevent that, unfortunately. But now the situation is different… The whole world today is waiting to see what will happen in the Arab world… First of all, they sell us weapons so we will destroy each other. After we’ve destroyed each other, who builds? Not us, of course. They, their companies. So they destroy you, and make money! And [then they] build - Of course they aren’t building for you; they’re building for themselves… [they earn money] and bolster their arms industry. And so we are the victim from both directions.”