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Palestinian official condemns "the Zionist Obama administration... the axis of international terrorism" for interference in Syria

‎ “The General Secretariat of the General ‎Federation of Palestinian Workers ‎condemned the threats made by the ‎American administration and its allies of ‎carrying out an act of cruel military ‎aggression against the Arab Syrian ‎Republic. It emphasized that any act of ‎terrorist aggression against Syria is [in ‎fact] an act of aggression against the ‎entire Arab nation, which must be ‎stopped. In addition, it said that the ‎disgrace of the policy and all the ‎aggressive acts carried out by the Zionist ‎Obama administration, which is the axis ‎of international terrorism, must be ‎exposed. It added that its objective [in ‎attacking Syria] is to destroy the Syrian ‎state, divide Syria along sectarian and ‎religious [lines] and weaken the people ‎and army of this Arab country, a ‎circumstance which will eventually lead ‎to establishing a new fact in the entire ‎Arab region and to redrawing the map of ‎the region in a way that will serve the ‎agenda and plans of the expanding ‎settler occupation state (i.e., Israel).”‎