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Fatah and Hamas oppose American intervention "against our sister, the Syrian Republic‎"

‎“The Palestinian factions, including Hamas, announced their opposition to any attack ‎against Syria yesterday [Sept. 1, 2013]… after the American President, Barack Obama, ‎announced his plan to strike a blow against the Syrian regime, which the American ‎intelligence [services] accused of carrying out a chemical attack near Damascus in ‎which hundreds were killed on Aug. 21.‎
After a meeting [held] in Gaza, which was attended by Fatah and Hamas, the factions ‎said they ‘condemn the increasing American threats of launching an assault against ‎our sister, the Syrian Republic…’‎
The national and Islamic forces emphasized that ‘our people and all its forces stand ‎beside our brothers, the Syrian people, and oppose all forms of external intervention in ‎the Syrian affair.’ They called [on] ‘international institutions and Arab foreign ministers ‎to refrain from supporting the criminal aggression being planned by the USA.’‎
They demanded that every effort be made to spare Syria and the Syrian people more ‎losses, and to act to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, without any external ‎intervention.”‎