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World Bank and Britain transfer $83.8 million to the PA; the EU intends to transfer $200 million more

Headline: “83.8 million dollars from the World Bank and Britain to the [Palestinian] Authority”
“The World Bank transferred a sum of 72.7 million US dollars to the PA yesterday [Sept. 3, 2013] from the multi-donor Palestinian Reform and Development Plan Trust Fund. This Trust Fund is a multi-donor, action [-oriented] apparatus for aiding the Palestinian budget, which is administrated by the [World] Bank. At the same time, the British government announced its pledge of 7.5 million pounds sterling (11.6 million US dollars) in direct aid to the State of Palestine.
The World Bank money, which is being donated by Kuwait, Australia and the United Kingdom, will aid in dealing with the urgent needs of the Palestinian budget, which will [in turn] provide aid to the education and health services and other essential social services…
In a press release [published] yesterday, the British Consul-General in Jerusalem explained that the British payment is part of a larger British commitment to pay 122 million pounds sterling (189.7 million US dollars) over 4 years. In addition, it noted that the United Kingdom was the chief European contributor of direct financial aid to the PA…
In its statement, the Consul-General noted that this financial aid comes in addition to the British aid provided by the European Union, 15% of whose budget is financed by the UK. In addition, the EU intends to transfer 200 million US dollars [to the PA] this year.”

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