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17 freedom of press violations documented in August 2013 in West Bank and Gaza

“The Gaza Center for Media Freedom documented 17 violations, which it described as dangerous, against journalists in the Palestinian territories, by the occupation authorities and Palestinian elements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip last August [2013]… 
As regards the West Bank, the monthly report noted that on August 1, the Security Forces in Ramallah arrested the journalist and photographer Mus'ab Sa'id, as he was taking part in a march on the charge of ‘encouraging religious zealotry,’ for something he had written on his private Facebook page, which has been shut down since his arrest. On August 6, anonymous individuals threatened the journalist Nael Manasrah, who hosts the ‘Nael on the Air’ program, and on August 10, the journalist George Kanawati was verbally assaulted by the Bethlehem District Governor [Abd Al-Fattah Hamayel] and the security guards made him leave the Suleiman Pool Nights Festival in Bethlehem.”

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