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PLO official: US aggression against Syria will benefit Israel at Palestinians' expense

Headline: “Forces of democracy hold a sit-down strike in front of the UN [headquarters] to oppose the American threats of aggression against Syria”
     “Issam Abu Daqqah, a member of the Central Committee of the [PLO’s] Democratic Front… said: ‘Our Palestinian people and all the Arab peoples understand that the State of Israel that occupies the Israeli State of occupation of Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese lands will be the main beneficiary from any external aggression against Syria or any other Arab state.’ He added: ‘Every time the United States intends to carry out widespread aggression in the region, it circulates misleading illusions about its interest in an American-sponsored settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This strengthens our insistence on warning [against] and refusing to continue negotiations in its old form that preceded the UN resolution recognizing the State of Palestine, so that what happened to the Palestinian side in previous attempts [at negotiation] will not happen again.’”