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Palestinian ambassador defines “the Zionist entity” as “the real and clear enemy”

“The ambassador of the State of Palestine in Egypt, Barakat Al-Farra, delivered a lecture called ‘Political Islam’… Al-Farra stressed that the pseudo-Islamic language used by these organizations, who call for Jihad in the guise of religion, is in no way related to religion. This is [evident] since we never saw Al-Qaeda wage war against the real and clear enemy, the Zionist entity (i.e., Israel). Au contraire! Its missiles have been aimed against Arab states. As evidence he referred to the present situation in Sinai where these organizations commit murder and publicly proclaim [that they do so], as they attempt to destabilize the security situation. He added that everything happening nowadays in the Arab arena is [the result of] a foreign plot that assumes numerous guises like democracy and human rights, while actually aiming to undermine regional stability, and that everything happening now serves the interests of the Zionist entity, in one way or another.”