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US conspired against Egypt by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

By Hafez Barghouti:
     “It is possible that – with the help of the Turks, the Americans, and some experts from Hamas and the deplorable Qatari intelligence agency – someone has decided to transfer all the slaughter, destruction, devastation, and infamy that have afflicted Syria, to Egypt. Depending on advice received from Hamas, they have decided to set up a Muslim Brotherhood Revolutionary Guard to train thousands in Egypt, Turkey, and Syria and send them back (to Egypt) with the aim of gaining military supremacy. Deposed President Morsi’s declaration of a Jihad War in Syria was precursor to this, while [at the same time] the United States set out to collect all those disgusting people who hide behind religion, to let thousands of them out of prisons in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and to smuggle them back into Egypt. The Turks and the Americans agreed to gather Salafist organizations and the Jabhat al-Nusra [militants] where Libya and Sudan [share] a border with Egypt or the Sinai. At the same time, Muslim Brotherhood businessmen made sure to have thousands of Egyptian army uniforms sewn, to be worn by Muslim Brotherhood supporters as if they were Egyptian soldiers who had defected. Similarly, Turkey advised Morsi to fire the top army brass, Al-Sisi at the forefront, and give their positions to second-tier officers. Morsi’s aids asked a few officers what they thought [of the plan], but they informed military intelligence, and thus the large-scale conspiracy to dismember the Egyptian army was exposed, [that army] being the lone Arab army to remain after the destruction of the armies of Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. That is why the Americans are crying about the end of the Muslim Brotherhood era, because they (the Brotherhood) had been the cornerstone of [efforts] to destroy the Arab region and enslave its people. The best of the country’s soldiers, however, were waiting to ambush them.”

Note: The Salafist movement is a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic movement. Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Nusra Front, is a radical Sunni Islamic group fighting predominantly in Syria.