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PA daily op-ed by Fatah official: “Canaanite-Palestinians” lived in Jerusalem for 5,000 years

Opinion piece by Bakr Abu Bakr, member of Fatah Revolutionary Council (since 2009) and regular columnist for official PA daily:
“There are many dimensions to the question of Jerusalem, just as there are many dimensions to the Palestinian issue…
Firstly: The historical time dimension of the city of Jerusalem is broad, since for 5,000 years Canaanite-Palestinians have been in this land that was ignored by invaders throughout history… Fifthly: …We still see only crumbs from the money to support Jerusalem’s resolve in the Arab, Islamic and world-wide dimension, while the Palestinians and Jerusalemites alone challenge, resist, and substantiate - by standing firm on their land in the face of the most horrendous kinds of persecution, - [the claim] that our “Al-Quds” (Arab name for Jerusalem) is not “Jerusalem,” and the Jerusalem of the Bible was never here, as has been proven by modern research and excavations.”

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