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Official PA daily decries increase in female honor killings: "It is the male who is the perpetrator of all ‎crimes‎"

Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
‎“‘Erase the shame’ of the family is the ‎euphemism used for the forsaking of the ‎lives of Palestinian women. As of ‎yesterday [Sept. 22, 2013], 26 young ‎women have paid with their lives this year! ‎‎... Although the Palestinian laws have ‎relatively improved regarding the ‎safeguarding of certain women’s rights, ‎the laws and legislators [still] stand ‎helpless and submissive before the power ‎of conventions and customs…‎
The men forget that it was they who ‎instilled abominable acts and the ‎desecration of the sanctity of girls and ‎women in all times and all periods, ‎because it is the male who is the ‎perpetrator of all crimes, and because ‎abomination and adultery don’t occur of ‎themselves. The age of miracles, of the ‎Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, peace be ‎upon Him, is over, and was a unique ‎event that will never repeat itself.”‎