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Female PA minister proposes treating perpetrators of honor killings "like any other murder"

‎ “[PA] Minister of Women's Affairs Rabiha ‎Dhiab said… yesterday [Sept. 22, 2013] ‎that she would submit the draft of the ‎proposed Palestinian Penal Law to the ‎government for discussion, ahead of its ‎ratification [by the government] and its ‎submission to the President for approval. ‎‎[Her statement came] as part of her ‎response to the third case of femicide this ‎month and the fifteenth since the ‎beginning of the year…‎
She emphasized that the draft did not ‎contain sections [granting] mitigating ‎circumstances in cases of femicide, and ‎that it considers femicide a crime like any ‎other murder, on which the harshest ‎punishment is imposed, so that the ‎murderer is not released after two ‎months.”‎

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