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Fatah spokesman “salutes” prisoners: “They embody the way of Fatah”

 Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf: “We are always proud of what the Fatah movement accomplishes. At present we have more than 5,000 Israeli [sic, should be Palestinian, -Ed.] detainees in the occupation’s prisons, and we salute them all. These detainees, brother (interviewer) Diya, 65% of them are from the Fatah movement. There are more than 500 detainees sentenced to life imprisonment, more than ¾ of them are members of the Fatah movement. I don’t think these detainees, whether they are serving regular prison sentences or whether they are serving life sentences, were arrested because they scorned the Palestinian people’s principles, renounced them or sacrificed them. These detainees are [in prison] because they stuck to the principles and because they embody the way of the Fatah movement leadership, [the way of] the Fatah movement’s history, its present and future.”

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