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American Christian Zionists are “Christian-pretenders with no real connection to Christianity”

While this article does not target the US or democracy as a whole, it maims a major portion of the US population - the Christian Zionists:
     “’Christian Zionists,’ who in truth are Christian-pretenders with no real connection to Christianity, constitute the largest non-Jewish group of Israel-supporters in the United States. They number about 20 million Americans and are the main voter base of the Republican party. They follow a fundamentalist school [of religious thought] that believes in the ‘Second Coming of Jesus’ and in the events to precede it, most important among them undoubtedly being ‘the return of the Jews to Palestine,’ ‘the establishment of the State of Israel’ ‘the building of the Temple in Jerusalem,’ and ‘the end of the State of Israel,’ as part of a devastating war between the forces of good and evil, known as “Armageddon.” Ultimately, the ‘Age of Divine Dispensation’ will arrive, for Christ will come to rule the world from Jerusalem. So that the Biblical prophecy of the ‘return of the Jews to Palestine’ – that must take place before the ‘Second Coming’ – will be realized, those who believe this prophecy have worked hard to bring it about. One of them was James Balfour, the man responsible for the ‘Balfour Declaration’ in which he declared the British Empire’s support for ‘establishment of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine’. Harry Truman, too, the 33rd American president who was in office from 1945 to 1953, was among the prominent believers of this school, and as such, Truman was the first to recognize the establishment of the Zionist state on Palestinian soil. In the 1980s, this school gained strength because Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), the 40th president of the United States, was one of the most fervent believers in this fundamentalist Christian school [of religious thought]. This caused him to broker a deal between the members of this school, who now called themselves ‘the Christian Zionists,’ and the Republican party, so that they became the majority of [Republican] voters in all [future] American elections.”