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The Commentator - PMW reveals Fatah incitement as peace talks resume

MidEast watcher  |

Why oh why does this Palestinian
glorification of violence never stop?

Fatah's Peace Talks special: "The blood of Martyrs draws the borders of the homeland". That is truly helpful, right?

by MIdEast watcher

Just when you thought it was safe (did you really?) for Israel to go back into talks with the Palestinians on a peace agreement, this emerges courtesy of the invaluable watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch:

"My homeland taught me that it is the blood of Martyrs (Shahids) that draws the borders of the homeland." That's the text next to a picture of a man holding what looks like an AK-47. It was posted on "moderate" Fatah's Facebook page just as everyone was getting excited about peace talks.

Regular readers may turn up their noses. So, what else is new, they may say. Don't! This matters. People in the West do not understand what Palestinian rejectionism is all about. That in turn determines their perception of Israel as an unreasonable aggressor. Please see PMW's full story here, and do share widely, especially to those you think need a little education.

Just another day in the Middle East, eh....