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Sharp increase recorded in number of honor killings

‎“An insane increase in the number of ‎femicide cases in Palestinian society from ‎the beginning of this year until Sept. 22, ‎‎2013. The Women’s Center for Legal Aid ‎and Counselling has recorded 25 cases of ‎femicide for various motives in the [West] ‎Bank and Gaza Strip… This number is the ‎double that of the figure recorded in 2012, ‎when 13 women were murdered – a figure ‎‎[3] times greater than [that recorded in] ‎‎2011, when 4 women were murdered… ‎
The Women’s Center said femicide is a ‎crime for which the perpetrators must ‎receive the most serious penalties, ‎regardless of the identity or gender of the ‎criminal and the motives behind the crime. ‎‎[The Center added that] as of today, there ‎can be no further discussion regarding ‎the context to acts of femicide, since ‎women are murdered for being women, ‎while the male criminals are rewarded for ‎being men. They receive an exemption or ‎a more lenient punishment because the ‎victim was a woman.”‎