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Israelis misunderstood where the “promised land” is – it’s in Yemen

PA TV program In a Prisoner’s Home:
Host Abir Al-Shamali: “How can we work together to revive our legacy in the younger generations’ memories? Because, as you know, the Israelis claim that this is the promised land - the holy land (Quds), even though, it should be known, that if they had read our people’s history, a more educated person would have looked for the [place named] Quds, Kaddesh (holy), which is located in Yemen, which means, the promised land that the Israelis demand is in Yemen and in the mountains of Yemen.”
Fatah representative in the Palestinian National Council Abu Dahouk: “In the beginning of the occupation the Zionists acted based on [the belief] that the old would die and the young would forget. We have children who are three years old and they say ‘I’m a Palestinian.’”