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Prisoners demand higher salaries and other “rights”

“Scores of released prisoners held a sit-down strike in front of the government building in Ramallah. They demanded the implementation of the amended Released Prisoners Law no. 19 of 2004, which states that justice must be done with released prisoners by employing them and by promoting them in government careers, like the rest of the PA employees.
Samir Matar, one of the sit-down strike coordinators, who spent 9 years in the occupation’s prisons, told Shasha News that the released prisoners demand the ‘implementation of the amended Released Prisoners Law, which was approved by President Mahmoud Abbas last year.’
Released prisoner Subhi Al-Baba, who spent more than 17 years in the occupation’s prisons, demanded that the prisoners’ salaries be made equal to those of PA employees, ‘so they would be able to make a living from them.’ He added: ‘The government made many promises to us, but unfortunately it didn’t keep its promises. It is our right to receive the honor worthy of the sacrifices we made for this homeland.’
Coordinator of the committee of the released prisoners holding the sit-down strike Shukri Ghanim stressed that the main demand is ‘implementing the amended Prisoners Law of 2004, that included employing released prisoners who spent more than five years in prison, integrating them and promoting them in the PA’s institutions.’”

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