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PA accuses Israel of “slow killing” and neglecting “scores of chronically ill prisoners”

“During its first meeting, convened yesterday [Oct. 1, 2013] in Ramallah [and] chaired by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, the 16th [Palestinian] government declared… its support for non-violent popular resistance against the occupation, settlements and the [separation] wall, and the citizens’ right to protect their lands…
The government saluted the resolve of our brave prisoners in the occupation prisons. It demanded that all human rights organizations, humanitarian organizations, health organizations and UN organizations expose Israeli acts and [make] Israel commit to the Convention Against Torture, the Fourth Geneva Convention and all international treaties and conventions. This [demand was made] in view of the slow killing with which the prisoners in the occupation prisons must contend, as a result of intentional medical neglect and [in view of the fact that] scores of chronically ill prisoners and hunger strikers whose lives are in danger are not being provided with the necessary medical treatment.”