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News sites accuse hackers of limiting journalistic freedoms

“Yesterday [Oct. 3, 2013], the [Palestinian] Press Association condemned the hacks to which several Palestinian media [internet] sites have fallen victim, which prevented them from publishing. The Amad, Al-Ahed and Karama Press [news] sites, in addition to several more sites, fell victim to hacks that began two days ago.
In its announcement, the Association said that it is of the opinion that ‘these hacks indicate that there is a group of thieves and obscurantists that is trying, in any possible way, to control media reports and prevent the platforms of freedom and those who have opinions, to convey the Palestinian people’s message to the world.’
The Association considered this behavior ‘harming the Palestinian people and its ongoing struggle,’ and called to take any measures to ensure the protection of the electronic media platforms, without any regard of their political inclinations, as long as they follow Palestinian law and the Journalists’ Code of Ethics. It also demanded that they (the media sites) be encouraged and be given assistance to continue their journalistic work and [convey their] humanitarian message.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: The Amad, Al-Ahed and Karama Press are internet sites that are known to speak out against PA Chairman Abbas.

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