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Human rights group reports abuse in Palestinian detention centers

Headline: “The Independent Commission recorded ten deaths and 41 complaints of abuse last month [September 2013]”
“The Independent Commission for Human Rights [ICHR] noted yesterday [Oct. 3, 2013] that it recorded ten deaths in the Palestinian territories last month. Similarly, it also referred to the ongoing arrival of complaints of abuse and ill-treatment in detention centers, and court rulings not being implemented. In its periodic report on violations of human rights and freedoms in Palestinian Authority territories that covered last month, the commission explained that four deaths of women were reported in the [West] Bank.
Similarly, it explained that during the period covered by the report, 41 reports of abuse and ill-treatment were received, nine from the [West] Bank and 32 from the [Gaza] Strip.
It went on to say: ‘The reports from the [West] Bank were divided as follows: Eight complaints against the General Investigations Department of the police, and one against the Preventive Security Forces.’ In the [Gaza] Strip, the commission received 32 complaints, 29 of which were against the police force [personnel] and three against the internal security force. The complaints of abuse focused on beatings and on ‘Shabah’ (a form of torture where a detainee’s hands are tied behind his back. He is lifted by his hands that have been tied behind his back as the chair he was forced to stand on is kicked out from under him, ed.) as well as ill-treatment.
Similarly, it noted that 21 complaints of wrongful arrests were received from the [West] Bank, ‘because the complainants were detained for political reasons or arbitrarily,’ as opposed to 66 complaints in the [Gaza] Strip, wherein citizens claimed that their right to a fair trial was violated, meaning ‘improper arrest procedures, no separation among prisoners, and political arrests.’”