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PA daily reports on findings of human ‎rights commission, including torture in ‎PA detention centers

‎“The Misdeeds Bureau of the Independent ‎Commission for Human Rights noted ‎yesterday [Oct. 3, 2013] that it had recorded ‎‎10 deaths in the Palestinian territories over ‎the past month; it also addressed the ‎continuously arriving complaints of abuse ‎and maltreatment in the detention centers ‎and the lack of implementation of court ‎rulings.‎
In its periodic report on ‘Violations of ‎Human Rights and Freedoms in the PA ‎Territories’ covering the past month, the ‎Commission noted that 4 murders of women ‎were recorded in the [West] Bank...‎ In addition, it [the Commission] explained ‎that, during the period covered by the report, ‎‎41 complaints of abuse and maltreatment ‎were reported – 9 from the [West] Bank and ‎‎32 from the [Gaza] Strip.‎
It [the Commission] added [that] the ‎complaints from the [West] Bank were ‎grouped as follows: 8 complaints against ‎the General Interrogations Division of the ‎‎[PA] police and one complaint against the ‎Preventive Security Forces. The ‎Commission received 32 complaints from ‎the [Gaza] Strip – 29 against the police ‎forces and 3 against the Internal Security ‎Forces. The complaints of abuse centered ‎on beatings and Shabah (a method of ‎torture in which the detainee is hung by his ‎hands), in addition to maltreatment.‎
In addition, it [the Commission] noted that it ‎had received 21 complaints from the [West] ‎Bank of improper arrest procedures, ‎‎‘because the complainants were arrested ‎for political reasons, or arbitrarily,’ compared ‎to 66 complaints from the [Gaza] Strip, in ‎which the citizens claimed their right to a ‎fair trial had been violated – meaning ‎‎‘improper arrest procedures, lack of ‎segregation between prisoners and arrests ‎for political reasons.’”‎