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Israel referred to as “the occupation’s territories of 1948”

     “Today is Palestinian Heritage Day, which is marked each year on October 7. This day is the day of returning to Palestine’s spiritual and material heritage, given that ancient civilizations were founded on this land and from its resources, [civilizations] that merged with one another so that the original and the acquired created a rich and varied heritage which we call ‘Palestine’s heritage.’
The [PA] Ministry of Culture said in an announcement in honor of the event: ‘Our return to our heritage is a national duty and part of our long and arduous journey towards building a Palestinian state with original roots.’
It [the Ministry] added: ‘One after the other, colonialists and occupiers came at us, and our fathers had to struggle in order to remain, and we stand firm facing an occupier who attempts to destroy our national heritage, forge or steal it, thinking that stripping a nation of its heritage means making its national identity disappear and making its feelings of belonging to its homeland abate, and in this way eases [the process of] displacing and exiling it. Therefore, the battle to protect the heritage is at the heart of the overall conflict to remain, like the battle to defend lands, homes and the entire homeland.’
In addition, it [the Ministry] declared that it ‘would give special importance to Heritage Day this year by conducting programs and activities, in cooperation with our cultural and national organizations, that will assist the Popular Heritage Service and [assist] in protecting and guarding it (the heritage).’
The announcement noted that heritage in Palestine has been a victim of robbery, forgery, theft and obliteration for hundreds of years by Israel’s perpetual attempts to forge facts, steal the heritage and claim it unlawfully as its own.
Likewise, Zionization and Judaization of anything Palestinian is taking place, especially in Jerusalem and in the occupation’s territories of 1948 (i.e., Israel), such as [the Judaization of] clothing, food and songs. Even the Palestinian keffiyeh (Arab headdress) is presented in exhibitions as Israeli clothing, and so even Palestinian clothing is exhibited as Israeli clothing.”