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Abbas supports housing project for prisoners by granting exemption from licensing fees

Headline: “A Presidential exemption from license fees in the Neighborhood of Hope suburb is granted to prisoners serving life sentences”
“Raeda Al-Fares, ‘Um-Jawwad’ [who is in charge of humanitarian aid in the President's office], yesterday visited the ‘Suburb of Hope’ housing project for prisoners serving life sentences in occupation prisons in order to offer financial aid to cover the cost of the land. The landowners were indeed given a check for US$15,000. Al-Fares toured the area and was updated on the progress of the project, and she noted that she was bringing news that the various official government ministries and agencies would be granting the housing project an exemption from paying licensing fees. She also explained that the decision to grant the exemption came from a direct order from President Mahmoud Abbas, as part of his efforts on behalf of the prisoners’ children and families. Al-Fares declared that as part of his efforts to relieve the daily worries of our people, President Abbas has instructed the different agencies on the need to enable work on the project to progress more easily, as [is also needed] in other essential projects serving the prisoner and prisoner-family sector. In addition, she noted that the Presidency will continue to accompany this project to its conclusion and until all the prisoners are released, so that they will be able to live in dignity with their families and relatives. Released prisoner Ibrahim Al-Zir, a member of the housing project’s Committee of Life-Sentenced Prisoners, thanked President Mahmoud Abbas for his moral and material support of this project, and noted that the grant he made today conveys a message of support from the father of the Palestinian people, to his children and their families. In addition, Al-Zir expressed his hope that the aid granted to this project, at a cost of $10,000,000, would continue…"